The Mona Lisa Surgery and Aesthethic Center
is a modern clinic devoted to  rejuvination and beauty


The American Clinic

Mona Lisa Centrum váró

The Mona Lisa Surgery Center is a high tech private clinic operated by English speaking staff for over 13 years and the service attitude of the Americas: the patient is King!

In corroboration with doctors around the world, we use the latest procedures, techniques and equipment to ensure the best results with minimal healing time possible for the patient. One of our specialties is fat transfer to the face, breast, buttocks and other parts of the body. The 3D Space Lifting technique with fat originated with a doctor in Los Angeles who had been very successful for years with this technique before we started 3 D Space Lifting. He had developed a unique way of processing the fat with a high viable stem cell yield so that the transferred fat remains. We use the same equipment and techniques in volumizing the face. Patients from all over the world are very satisfied with their results.


 Mona Lisa Centrum modern rendelő1Innovative Technology

As we are the only clinic offering VASER lipo in Hungary, we have a lot of experience in sculpting multiple areas in one session and see excellent results and quick recovery from the procedure. As the VASER fat is also rich in stem cells, it is an excellent medium for transferring and volumization.  We are now the first clinic to be rejuvinating knees and other joints with stroma vascular cells from fat with incredible success.

Mona Lisa Centrum recepcioPlethera of Treatments and Procedures

As we are working with several plastic surgeons, each has his or her speciality. One surgeon only specializes in rhinoplasty and patients with intricate nose problems have been overwhelmingly satisfied with the results.

In our clinic we have done all sorts of fat transfers, implant procedures to the breasts, butt, lips, etc., tummy tucks, mommy tummy tucks, lifting to the breast, arms, thighs and of course the face. One of our specialtise is to combine a SMAS face lift and 3D Space Lifting resulting in the most natural face lift possible. Over the last 10 years, we still see the excellent results from our gold thread procedures on patients and how it has beautifully preserved the patients skin over the years.

Not to forget that our plastic and gynaecologist surgeons work together in vagino-, labia- and hymenoplasties. We also perform circumcisions.

As we have dermatologist and laser experts, we perform procedures preemptive to surgery using botox , fillers, PRP, mesotherapy and threads, but also use our Cutera laser for skin tightening, brown spot removal , wart removal, toenail fungus and vein treatments. We also offer laser face peels with plasma gas.

Our vein specialist, in case the case of vein problems, is a vein surgeon and can determine what is the best vein treatment in any circumstance and can treat the small spider veins up to the large varicose veins.

For children and adults, we also have a homeopathic doctor for any overall health problems that need to be seen to.

If you would like to go through life with a smile on your face like the Mona Lisa, consider us for your next doctor’s visit!


Greetings from the Mona Lisa Team