Lip augmentation

Manufacturer: Dr. Anikó Kiss

Injectable Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation creates fuller, plumper lips and reduces fine wrinkles around the mouth. Lips may be injected with hyaluronic acid or with fat transferred from another site in the patient's body. Both hyaluronic acid and fat are absorbed and repeat treatments are necessary to maintain results. Newer, longer-lasting options include stem cell assisted fat transfer.

Quick Facts

  • The fillers can be injected into the lips and the areas around the lips to enhance the shape or size of lips
  • Volume loss of the lips occurs naturally with time, and replacing this volume can result in more youthful looking lips
  • We aim to achieve very natural-looking lips
  • Anaesthetic is injected to numb the lips prior to lip enhancement
  • Areas such as the vermillion border, the philtrum, cupids bow, and lip body can be enhanced
  • There may be some swelling and bruising after lip enhancement

What areas can be enhanced?

The vermilion border is the most common area that is enhanced with dermal fillers. The vermilion border is the junction between the white and red part of the lips. By injecting dermal fillers in this area, it is possible to define the lips, similar to wearing lip liner. It gives the lip no more volume, but outlines the border to make it clearer. It can also help with lines that cross through this area. For those who have 'lipstick bleeding', injecting a dermal filler in the vermilion border can also help. The lip body can also be injected. This is usually done to enhance pout. The dermal filler everts the lip outwards so that more of it shows.

Correction of vertical upper lip lines, if present, is also important in the enhancement of lips. This area is often a key area of concern for patients, and can be softened with a variety of fillers.

The oral commissures are located in the corners of the mouth, can also be filled. This area usually increases in size with age due to the effect of gravity on the cheek skin. Filling this area turns the corners of the lips upwards creating a more positive and happy appearance.

The philtrum consists of the two lines in the centre of the upper lip that connects to the nose. By enhancing this double-ridge, it is possible to give the upper lip more shape and curve, enhancing the sensuality of the lips.

The cupid's bow, or the V shaped area in the centre of the upper lip can also be enhanced with dermal fillers. This makes the V more pronounced. Done in conjunction with the philtrum, it can achieve a pleasant overall shape to the upper lip.

What do aesthetically pleasing lips look like?

This is a personal preference. Our staff take time to discuss your needs and what you would like to achieve. However, it is important to have lips that fit your face appropriately. As a rule, for people with a smaller face, eyes, and nose, smaller lips may be appropriate. Over-enhancing lips in such a person could create a false or unnatural appearance. The bottom lip should also be larger than the top lip as a general rule. This is not always the case however. It is also important to avoid the 'trout pout' or 'ducky lips'. Inexperienced injectors often create this look by over-injection in certain parts of the lip.


Immediate return to normal activities (one-day return if sedated) for nonsurgical procedures; depending on the procedure and materials used, recovery period is within a week for surgical procedures.

What are the side effects of lip augmentation?

After lip augmentation the main side effect is swelling of the lips. This may persist from 3 to 14 days. Usually injection of the lip body produces more swelling than the border. The type of dermal filler used also determines to an extent the degree of swelling. A  bruise may also result from the injections at times. Occasionally, lip enhancement may cause cold sores to reappear. If this occurs, you need to notify your doctor of this and be prescribed an anti-viral tablet.